Teak Outdoor Bench Seater

Indonesia Teak Outdoor Bench Solid Furniture
Teak Outdoor Bench Seater With Seat & Backrest
Produced with different specification from original furniture, strudy construction with finger joint applicable, finished with fine sanded natural finish, seat is emloying blok timber base with 5Cm thickness, quick dry foam used for outdoor purpose to let this outdoor furniture usable in any weather. Manufactured for spa area at tropical weather, all material is using good marine grade to make furniture can to be long lasting to support business. 

This Outdoor Bench can be used for outdoor or indoor as well. Easy maintaining for user as finished with fine sanded teak timber surface, user can put teak oil on surface for new looks or let it untreated to get beautiful silver-grey finish as it's natural looks for old teak. Some user likes with old teak looks, usually it comes for several years in usage.

Dimension :
Width 180Cm Depth 50Cm Height 79Cm
Allowing you to customize the size and specifications of your choice.

Teak Outdoor Seater
Teak Outdoor Bench With Upholstery Backrest

Teak Outdoor Bench Seater Construction
Teak Outdoor Bench With Finger Joint Construction

Teak Outdoor 2 Seater Sofa

Teak Outdoor Sofa 2 Seater
Teak Outdoor Sofa With Quick Dry Foam
Crafted with premium solid teak timber, sturdy construction for long lasting outdoor furniture, seat is employing rows of parallel slat in premium teak timber to allow water falling from Quick Dry Foam seat cushion, finished with fine sanded paper to let natural looks as teak timber is naturally sturdy and impervious to any weather especially comes from tropical country. It's preferred choise of leading furniture timber worldwide usable for indoor and outdoor as well.

Fine sanded finish is good natural color choise for teak outdoor furniture, if let uncovered outside the surface will wear away with exposure to the elements. Once the finish has worn off, the teak furniture timber will acquire the beautiful silvery-grey which is typical of untreated teak.

Dimension :
Width 128Cm Depth 55Cm Height 79Cm
Allowing you to customize the size and specifications of your choice.

Teak Garden Furniture
Outdoor 2 Seater Sofa

Teak Seater Outdoor Sofa
Outdoor Seater Sofa Crafter With Premium Teak

Outdoor Teak Sofa 3 Seater

This homey teak sofa is made for relaxing with a book, catching some rays, or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.
Outdoor Teak Sofa 3 Seater
It is not uncommon for errors in the choice of teak outdoor sofa furniture to result in the inefficiency of outdoor space management. This natural outdoor teak sofa has several supporting legs. The goal is to support the load above it so even though this outdoor teak sofa looks natural from its shape but is able to accommodate a fairly heavy load and can adjust as well. This outdoor teak sofa is fine sanded finish with low backrest on the back so it is more comfortable to use. This outdoor sofa also has a size that is long enough so it can be occupied by many people or can accommodate more people.
Outdoor Teak Sofa With Quick Dry Foam
Outdoor Teak Sofa With Quick Dry Foam
This teak sofa is using a teak timber base material. The choice of teak timber as a frame material cannot be separated from the advantages of wood its self. Teak timber is a basic material that is resistant to various kinds of pressure. Teak wood is also a material that can withstand various weather conditions in outdoor or indoor area.
Teak Outdoor Sofa Using Quick Dry Foam
Quick Dry Foam For Outdoor Foam Material
Another advantage that we can get is that even though this setter is a semi sofa chair, as we know that the sofa has a large size and volume. making the sofa has a heavy weight, this teak sofa chair does not have a lot of weight, so it can be easily moved and adjusted to the shape of the room, but has a soft seat almost the same as a sofa. The foam material used is high density quick dry foam. The material selection uses premium good grade teak timber for indoor or outdoor furniture.

Reproducing Custom Design Teak Outdoor Sofa
Custom Design Teak Outdoor Sofa
This teak sofa can be reproduced with different sizes, shapes and materials. We are able to accepts orders in custom size and shape depends on client needs.
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