Wicker Dressing Chair

Wicker Dressing Chair

Outdoor Custom Shape Wicker Sofa


Outdoor Sofa With Custom Shape
Custom Shape Outdoor Wicker Furniture
Talking about outdoor furniture is inseparable from the various materials it is based on. Furniture is the main attraction for suitable place. It's no wonder that nowadays there are many outdoor furniture with unique shapes and attractive base on materials. One type of outdoor furniture that is experiencing development is this outdoor sofa. However, this type of outdoor sofa has its drawbacks, usually some of wicker sofa has a relatively large size and large volume as well. But today many sofas are modified in such a way, with a size that is not too big and with a relatively smaller volume.

Producing Custom Design Outdoor Sofa With Wicker
Hand Weaving Outdoor Wicker Sofa
This outdoor sofa is made from a combination of aluminum and wicker, so this product does not have a heavy weight. The combination of the basic materials of this framework makes this product sturdy and able to support heavy loads so you don't have to worry that this outdoor wicker sofa is not able to stand firmly with heavy loads.

Stong Weaving Made By Synthetic Wicker Material
Durable Sythetic Wicker Material
To make conform when somebody seat on it, it was equipped with a layer of foam on the seat.  Not only can it be used for sitting, this product can also be used for lying down as this product has a size larger than an ordinary chair. This outdoor sofa has a unique shape almost like the letter "W" on the foam. Therefore this outdoor sofa is a different product from products in general.
Detail Of Wicker Weaving On Aluminum Frame
Detail Of Hand Weaving Furniture
In addition to the several advantages that you can get from choosing this product to complement the furniture you already have. This outdoor sofa can also last for a long time due to the nature of the material which is resistant to various weather conditions, and it is also resistant to insects that usually found on wood furniture and will not be easily corroded as is the case with iron-based products. So this item can be categorized into one that is durable. Even with indoor or outdoor placement.
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