Minimalis Furniture by Jepara Furniture Supplier

One approach to furniture and interior design, a relatively survive up to now, popularly known as furniture minimalism. This idea actually has pioneered since the late 19th century, among others seen on aesthetic movement in the Dutch De Stijl and the Bauhaus School, Germany, in the 1920s.

The furniture minimalist design is then moved into various branches of this furniture minimalist design is a continuation of the minimal art movement (minimum of arts). Minimalist Furniture associated with small amounts, which means enough in modern aesthetics. Minimalist Furniture terms used to describe the modern movement is marked by a rejection of ornament in the shape and design so the show is entirely elemental structure.

Here the minimalist furnishings were made only in accordance with the form and structure, no additional carving that has no direct use aspects. Materials processed by honest, good as possible, and made with good technique so as to meet the needs of the wearer simply in terms of usability. A clean and functional design. Minimalist Furniture identical or even called the spirit of modern furniture design.

Minimalism Furniture is not only found in the modern era. Various traditional cultures the world has a tradition of creating functional objects with simple forms and levels of complexity, but high quality. The shape was beautiful because it is created from efforts to fulfill the function. Because modern humans emphasizes straightness of mind, realization of straight lines in modern furniture designs. Furniture design is made as simple as possible, as far as can be optimized to meet the needs of modern humans.

In modern furniture with character and shape of a furniture minimalist, all decoration ornaments into a body "forbidden". Even a few additional elements, which were previously considered to be functional, look-how that can be eliminated by changing from the structure or shape.

For example, the drawer opened and closed by being pulled and pushed by something small, but allowed to operate. Cabinet door or drawer handles are made in various shapes and colors, as well as functions for opening and closing doors or drawers, also became the only modern piece of furniture decoration. People also make the grooves on the side of the front of the top / bottom drawer so that the handle can be removed and the drawer so "clean".

When the decorations be removed altogether, then what furniture minimalist aesthetic elements? The pioneer of modern furniture design invites people to appreciate something that represented by the character of surface materials honestly, what it is.

A clean design decoration provide flexibility visually and spatially. Materials (natural) used as raw materials have aesthetic quality furniture itself, without needing to be carving up the fact eliminate "identity" material.(Set-SAT;from various sources)