Jepara Furniture Manufacturer on IFFINA 2010

jepara furniture manufacturer and supplierThe 3rd International Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia (IFFINA) in 2010 which was held on 11 to 14 March 2010 at an event JIEXPO Kemayoran appearance Indonesian competitive products in the field of furniture and crafts held Furniture and Handicraft Industries Association of Indonesia (ASMINDO) and Dyandra Promosindo . As an international furniture events, this exhibition is a barometer of the progress and the creative potential of children of the nation in developing new things, especially furniture and craft industry.

Along with the introduction of creative industries in the last year, so on this occasion, raised the importance of integrating elements of the role of art (art) with business (Busines) as the industry's competitiveness. It's time to place the synergy between the entrepreneur as a business and industry, with the designer, and colleges as providers of cadres in order to achieve greatness successor industry to face future challenges. This represents a new breakthrough is precisely where all this happened was she decided "link and match" between the three groups or each running its own.

As a first step of cooperation, together with Community Asmindo Indonesian Furniture Designers and Paramadina University presented a historical flashback to the development of national furniture and industrial design who successfully staged on the world market. This idea is embodied in the platform, named IFFINA ICON 2010. The trip described as the foundation point of the journey from initial culture received the furniture of our society until the emergence of young creators to promote this industry.

The trip is divided into four zones where one zone is a Traditional Classic period. Zone 2: Modern Influence, zone 3: Academic and Industry, Zone 4: Personal Expression. Through this pembabakan look how the development of furniture design from all sides. This form of awareness about the importance of design development and introduction of existing designs to find our identity as the foundation level of a more advanced step. Big hopes that Indonesia can designers contribute designs for the industry and the utilization of natural resources for the growth of the nation's economy, including the growth of SME-based industry.

In addition, KDMI or Indonesian furniture designers in conjunction with the University community as coordinator Paramadina showing the work - the design work of students from various universities. This cooperation will be a stimulant for the acceleration of progress and triumph of the national furniture industry. Possessed talents as human resources in Indonesia is an asset of the future development potential of Indonesian furniture industry. Currently Paramadina University has successfully run in cooperation with the industry, "Latto Pacific", a furniture company from the Spanish State. Through this cooperation, it is evident that the students able to create furniture products are ready to be marketed to foreign countries. On the other hand it also be evidence of the success of universities in producing creative industry resources to create competitive products for both local and international markets. The event is useful for students to better appreciate how important their role in the industrial world and can dialogue with the designers, industry and entrepreneurs, as the presence of the works of students in international exhibitions usually carried out by other neighboring countries.

It is time we build the industry not only exploit their natural resources (SDA), but started to move to empower the human resources (HR) as a driver of economic growth. Product designer furniture industry, as creative human resources supporting the furniture and handicraft industries feel the need to close ranks and develop themselves in the form of a community to support the industry in producing works of world-class star. The purpose of this community is to make designer community as a strong pillar supporting the creative industries of this country. The existence of community container designers become designers in creating the birth of his furniture designs in the world-class star. (Set-SAT;from Paramadina University sources)