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JEPARA FURNITURE EXPORTER ;GO Ahead with required request

Can not be denied again that Indonesia is one of largest furniture exporter in the world. This can be seen from various sources that explained that Indonesia Furniture has ranked 8th in the year 2006 as an furniture exporter to the U.S. after China Furniture Exporter, Canada Furniture Exporter, Mexico Furniture Exporter, Italy Furniture Exporter, Vietnam Furniture Exporter, Malaysia and Taiwan Furniture Exporter.

As a consequence, in order to maintain market trends in 2011 and fulfill customer demand. We support furniture importer who's understand well about their market which based on customer demand, whether it be furniture and material designs without compromising the desired strength and quality construction.

Of course prices will vary according to the design and quality. Products and shape would look exactly the same, but the quality, construction and raw material may be different.

Like Green Furniture demand that the U.S. government established regarding to the demand certificates of wooden material. We can see this as a profitable opportunity by offering other products that are environmentally friendly, for example rattan furniture or other furniture which manufactured with other raw material.

But besides that, we also remain committed to the continuity of business with several partners who are still importing wooden furniture from us. Certificate of wood from the Indonesian Forestry Government (PERHUTANI) has be prepared to meet the manufacture of furniture as desired. Whether it's a form of minimalist and carvings.

We hope with a variety of support we have, all our partners can be free to market the furniture products to many countries including the US destination without worry to various requirements demanded. Obviously we are very grateful to partners who are always giving encouragement and feedback so that we can continue to work and produce in order to meet the needs of furniture products in various parts of the world.

We also invite parties who have been involved in the world of furniture and interiors to join us in creating interior as desired by each client, with emphasis on trust and honesty. This is certainly very necessary given our growing up and always begin with a capital of trust.

As a step in entering the furniture industry competition, we always give priority to customer demand and to give satisfaction as has been paid. Thus we believe will create a mutually beneficial relationship between furniture producers as well as some parties involved in the furniture business. (Set-SAT;various sources)